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Decent app, but flawed

This is a decent app, but it is flawed in that you can turn off the volume using the ipads volume button before picking it up to basically disable its alarm function.

Worthless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A waste of $0.99 plain and simple!!!!!!!!! Thief, worthless trash people who steal!! Like these thieves that created this application to steal! Im sure they will just say its for fun. I thought I was getting a real deterrent to stop someone from stealing my phone? And all I purchased was the ability to have $0.99 stolen from my account!


This app is useless simply turn of the iPad and the security will turn off as well. Even if people dont know theres a security app the alarm does not sound just by touching it. Its hit and miss if the alarm will sound when someone touches it.

I want money back

That was a waste of money.

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